• Index Findings Each of the 5 most common check engine repairs will negatively impact gas mileage if ignored – some by as much as 40%!
  • Car repair costs were up 10% in 2012 after a nearly 6-year trend in dropping costs
  • Hybrid repair costs continue to drop
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CarMD.com Corporation is pleased to present the 2014 CarMD® Vehicle Health Index™ revealing the most common check engine light-related problems, repairs and associated repair costs. Now in its third year, the CarMD Vehicle Health Index provides consumers, media and the automotive industry with data to compare year-over-year car maintenance and repair trends, shedding light on economic and environmental trends impacting the type and cost of repairs.


Since 1996, CarMD has been building the most comprehensive database of diagnostic trouble codes; expert fixes and repair costs. These repairs come directly from the cars themselves and the professionals who service them. As a result, CarMD is able to provide unbiased data on repair costs and trends. This 2014 Index statistically analyzes more than 161,000 repairs that apply to more than 200 million vehicles on the road in the U.S. CarMD’s network of thousands of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)-certified, factory-trained technicians recommend, confirm and upload roughly 500 new repair scenarios daily to the CarMD database, which are then validated by the company’s Master Tech committee of top industry professionals. This data is used to compile the CarMD® Vehicle Health Index™.